Reel to Real: Conversations that bring movies to life!

Just like your favorite book club, REEL to REAL provides a forum for thoughtful discussion of films in a casual, comfortable environment.

The Denis Theatre Reel to Real Conversations appeal to a wide group of film lovers while recognizing that time schedules vary.  We will include several film genres as well as various viewing and discussion formats.  Options might include seeing films together followed by dinner discussion, seeing films separately but joining for discussion on a specific date, renting films to view separately or together in someone's home and eventually in a Denis Theatre screening room.

*NOTE: Registration is required, as seating is limited to 25To register, or for more information, contact the Denis Theatre Foundation at


Our Future REEL to REAL Conversations


JAN 26

Nominated for Best Foreign Film, 2011, INCENDIES is a powerful story that blends the tensions of the contemporary Middle East with the drama of classical Greek Tragedy

*****Please watch the movie on your own and then join us at 5PM for wine, appetizers and discussion at the Denis office - 731 Washington Road. 3rd Floor. 



STORIES WE TELL This award winning 2013 documentary by director and screenwriter, Sarah Polley, explores memories and exposes family secrets. Who knew? Not even the filmmaker.



BABETTE'S FEAST Award-winning Danish film focussing on a lavish dinner that French servant woman Babette prepares for a group of pious ascetics in an isolated Norwegian village in 1883. 

***Please bring a pot luck dish to the pre-movie feast, we'll then watch together as a group at the 750 Washington Road Condominiums.***


Our Past REEL to REAL Conversations





Nominated for Best Foreign Film, AFTER THE WEDDING (2006)
  APR Frank De Felitta's dramatic documentary, BOOKER'S PLACE: A MISSISSIPPI STORY (2012)
  MAR Academy Award Nominee, MONSIEUR LAZHAR (2011)
  JAN Sundance Grand Jury Prize Winner, BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD (2012)
  NOV Best Foreign Film Academy Award, NOWHERE IN AFRICA (2001)
  OCT Iranian drama, A SEPARATION (2011)
  MAY Provocative drama-thriller, TAKE SHELTER (2011)
  APR Thomas McCarthy's WIN WIN (2011)
  MAR George Clooney's THE IDES OF MARCH (2011)
  JAN Woody Allen's MIDNIGHT IN PARIS (2011)
  DEC Alexander Payne's THE DESCENDANTS (2011)
  NOV Raymond De Felitta's CITY ISLAND (2009)
  OCT Susan Bier’s IN A BETTER WORLD (2010)