Reel to Real: Conversations that bring movies to life!

Just like your favorite book club, REEL to REAL provides a forum for thoughtful discussion of films in a casual, comfortable environment.

The Denis Theatre Reel to Real Conversations appeal to a wide group of film lovers and include several film genres. Join us for each Ree l to Real as we watch a movie, share a meal, and engage in a follow-up discussion on that evening's film. 

*NOTE: Registration is required, as seating is limited to 25.  To register, or for more information, contact the Denis Theatre Foundation at


2017 REEL to REAL Conversations 


January 29, 2017: Force Majeure at Washington Square Condominiums
(750 Washington Rd), 6pm
An examination of human behavior, this is a provocative and sometimes funny Swedish movie that poses the question, “What would you do?”

Admission is free. Donations towards Reel to Real operating expenses are always appreciated!

Please RSVP to or 412.668.0737.

Previous Reel to Real Films:



MCCABE & MRS. MILLER (1971) - American Revisionist Western film starring Warren Beatty and Julie Christie, with a soundtrack by Leonard Cohan and directed by Robert Altman.

ART AND CRAFT (2014) - Follows Mark Landis, one of the most prolific art forgers in US history, as he is exposed and must confront the legacy of his 30-year career .

BEING JOHN MALKOVICH (1999) - A puppeteer discovers a portal that leads literally into the head of movie star John Malkovich.

TIMBUKTU (2015) - A Best Foreign Film nominee, this tense drama examines the lives of North African natives living under jihadist rule.
PHOENIX (2014) - This German film focuses on identity, memory, and the power of sweet revenge.
HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE (2016) - A quirky coming of age adventure, this buddy movie is a New Zealand delight.  



MAN ON THE TRAIN (2002) - French film about a gun-toting stranger and the school teacher he crosses paths and lives with.

MELVIN AND HOWARD (1980) - Jonathan Demme's 1980 movie about the true story of a man who may or may not be the heir to Howard Hughes' fortune.

THE DEAD (1987) - John Huston's 1987 acclaimed adaptation of the John Joyce novel

BABY FACE (1933) - notorious for playing a part in the creation of the Hollywood Moral Production Code.

MUSCLE SHOALS (2013) - Music documentary   

THE HUNT (2012) - Critically acclaimed Danish drama



Nominated for Best Foreign Film, 2011, INCENDIES (2010)
Actor/Director Sarah Polley's autobiographical documentary STORIES WE TELL (2013)
BABETTE'S FEAST Award-winning Danish film released in 1988.
WADJDA Written and directed by a female Saudi in 2012.
LOCKE Drama filmed nearly entirely of star Tom Hardy in an critically acclaimed performance. (2013)

Woody Allen's, CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS (2006) 
Nominated for Best Foreign Film, AFTER THE WEDDING (2006) 
Frank De Felitta's dramatic documentary, BOOKER'S PLACE: A MISSISSIPPI STORY (2012) 
Academy Award Nominee, MONSIEUR LAZHAR (2011) 
Sundance Grand Jury Prize Winner, BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD (2012)
Best Foreign Film Academy Award, NOWHERE IN AFRICA (2001) 
Iranian drama, A SEPARATION (2011) 
Provocative drama-thriller, TAKE SHELTER (2011) 
Thomas McCarthy's WIN WIN (2011)
George Clooney's THE IDES OF MARCH (2011)
Woody Allen's MIDNIGHT IN PARIS (2011)
Alexander Payne's THE DESCENDANTS (2011)
Raymond De Felitta's CITY ISLAND (2009) 
Susan Bier’s IN A BETTER WORLD (2010)