Meet Me at the Movies

The Denis Launches an Innovative Film Program for Seniors with Artists for Alzheimer’s

The inaugural session of this innovative, social inclusion film program took place at the Mt. Lebanon Library on September 25, 2014 with participants from three local senior facilities: Asbury Heights, The Baptist Homes Society and Concordia of the South Hills. 

Since its debut, the Denis Theatre has hosted seven Meet Me at the Movies programs. We will continue welcoming residents from the three facilities through 2016.

The program celebrates the wonder of film and is designed for those with memory loss, their loved ones and care partners. 

Seniors will be offered a forum for dialogue and reminiscing at Meet Me at the Movies, by viewing short movie clips with iconic actors and themes.  Each clip is interspersed with facilitated dialogue about the film’s emotions, actors, setting or message. The event is upbeat, encourages interaction in the form of singing and other spontaneous responses. Facilitated discussion sometimes uses props to further engage the audience.  

This program was launched Artists for Alzheimer’s/I’m Still Here Foundation in collaboration with the Tribeca Film institute in 2006, and is now a regular feature at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, Massachusetts. The magic of film is a powerful medium. It reaches areas of the brain that are hard-wired and ready to be tapped in their emotional core.  Program evaluations have shown that the event is enjoyable for who attend, and that for those with dementia, it has been found to diminish symptoms such as anxiety and provides a creative, joyful experience. 

The program, while fun, is ultimately a treatment program that affirms dignity and reduces the stigma often associated with a dementia diagnosis.  The hope is to strengthen a movement that embraces the value of non-pharmacological interventions for this condition.

To learn more and to support this unique program, please call The Denis at 412.668.0737.