Join the backstage crew to make it all happen! Your secure, recurring donation today will support the operations of the Denis as we continue to raise funds for construction. This community project is community-owned, and that means you. The Denis will add life and vibrancy to an already tremendous street. It will be a fabulous destination for film and other art forms. It also will be a place where discussion and ideas are encouraged and community and friendships are built and strengthened.


$20 / month
$240 / year

$20 / month: Like meeting a friend for a latte twice a month.
$30 / month
$360 / year
Less than the cost of 4 tickets to see the latest blockbuster.
$50 / month
$600 / year
Less than the cost of an average weekly fillup!
$84 / month
$1,000 / year

Less than a nice dinner for 2.

A recurring donation allows the Denis Theatre Foundation (DTF) to automatically transfer payment each month and remains in effect until you contact us to suspend or change it.