The Denis Theatre Foundation enriches and educates the community through distinctive and engaging film and arts programming.

Core Values

Creativity and Artistry. The value of “Creativity and Artistry” will guide our programming decisions. We wish to provide our patrons with film and other arts programming that reflects superior artistic ability and the imagination of creative minds both locally and internationally. This same principle applies to our intention to cultivate creativity and artistry within our community. We see the Denis Theatre as a space to spark creative visions through learning experiences and opportunities for the expression and dialogue that foster artistic inspiration.

Community Vitality. A healthy community includes space for the arts, space for learning and space for gathering. The Denis Theatre provides all of these valuable experiences within larger networks of relationships that include our immediate neighbors, other stakeholders, and collaborators. We enrich the district through the renewal of our physical space and we enrich the community of Greater Pittsburgh through our contributions to the arts, education, and social engagement.

Learning. Experiencing the arts is an indispensable part of lifelong learning. The Denis Theatre Foundation is committed to providing superior films and arts presentation. We are dedicated to providing dynamic experiences in the arts by connecting our patrons with area specialists. These experiences will demonstrate the premise that dialogue and interchange offer great opportunities for learning. Finally, our core value of learning motivates us to create direct educational programming, to support education partners through outreach, and to host educational partners in our facility.

Sustainability. By adopting the core value of sustainability, we commit ourselves to responsible management of our programs, operations, and facility with the intention of existing in perpetuity. The value of sustainability will drive our operations, our relationship with the community of commercial and other nonprofit organizations, and with the environment at large. In all actions, we shall look to conducting ourselves with a sense of accountability and a consciousness of the future consequence of present decisions. Social responsibility is a natural expression of our vision for community involvement and our responsibility includes the construction of the theater and the programming within its spaces.


As an independent film theater, the Denis will function primarily as an art house, showing independent, foreign language and documentary films, but will also offer film lectures, classic and specialty film series as well as mainstream  offerings to appeal to many audiences -   children, students, adults and senior citizens.

The Denis facility will be a social, cultural and business gathering place in Mt. Lebanon.  With multiple meeting rooms, a small stage, a comfortable lounge area and three screening rooms, the Denis will be able to accommodate local bands or small performance groups, provide meeting space for community groups, host business meetings or training sessions, and team with the schools for film presentations and in-service programs.

The Denis will work closely with area schools by providing a venue for film students to showcase their productions and arranging for hands-on sessions with area filmmakers and filmmaking educators. It will also provide a venue for local filmmakers and arts-oriented groups, and will be available for public or private special events.  

The Denis Theatre revitalization will be catalytic for Mt. Lebanon. It will provide a focus for the burgeoning cultural movement and attract individuals and groups to the increasingly attractive uptown Mt. Lebanon area.  The broad impact of this project, aimed at making the Denis Theatre a destination for people of all ages and interests, will continue long after the renovation is completed.