Angel ($100,000 and above)

Eden Hall Foundation
Pittsburgh Foundation (Fisher Fund)


Producer ($25,000-$99,999)

The Byham Family
Dean and Mary Calland
Compton Family Foundation
E.J. Bognar & Co
David and Donna Gerson
Chris and Anne Kemerer
Lamar Advertising
Virginia Nicklas
Pittsburgh Foundation
Lawrence and Rebecca Stern
Charlotte and David Stephenson
Adm. Robert Wertheim, Ret.


Director ($5,000-$24,999)

A. L. Brourman Associates, Inc.
Richard and Roberta Aronson
Bill and Vivian Benter
Michael and Carol Bleier
BNY Mellon
Frank and Laurie Bruns
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Buerger
Cipriani Studios
Frank and Mary Clements
Daniel and Dianne Deiseroth
Jon and Jane Delano
Dollar Bank Foundation
David and Beverly Engle
Gateway Engineers
Frank and Lisa Guadagnino
Brian and Ellie Hall
Henry J. Simonds Foundation
Andrew and Thelma Herlich
Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Howard and Betty Jo Hirschfield Louik
Thomas and Carol Hunley
Nick and Ellen Johnson
Clay and Shannon Johnson
Drew and Mary Kistler
Nicholas and Colleen Kuhn
Jeff and Kathleen Kumer
Larry and Lynn Lebowitz
Blaine and Terri Lucas
Darla McCormack
Mary Jo Meenen
William and Joann Mehaffey
Metz Lewis Brodman Must O'Keefe LLC
Dan and Katie Caste
Spring Hill Suites by Marriott - Mt. Lebanon
Kimball Nedved
D. and Neeta Raja
Steve and Geri Recht
Kumar Amin and Lisa Rivera
Zal and Mindy Sanjana
Neal and Susan Shipley
Ralph Vendredi and Jennifer Smokelin
St. Clair Hospital
Charles and Jean Stout
T. R. Paul Family Foundation
ThoughtForm Inc.
Elaine and Joe Wertheim
Ann Winkelstein
Susan Zitelli


Leading Role ($1,000-$4,999)

Allan and Cheri Acrey
Alberta Modern Hair
Don and Catherine Augenstein
Louanne Baily
Bruce and Rebecca Bickel
Big Picture Communications
David Blair and Marianne Bokan-Blair
Donald and Mary Block
Broadhurst Family Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Patrick and Vicki Carrigan
CBRichard Ellis
Carrie Coghill
Jay and Lara Cosentino
Steve and Amelia Dean
Steve and Wendy Denenberg
Eat 'N Park
Mary Jane Edwards
First Commonwealth Bank
First Niagara Bank Foundation
Jeff and Andrea Fitting
James Frantz
Jack and Catherine Frischkorn
Mark and Susan Gleason
Bruce and Jane Goodale
Marcia Grant
David and Nancy Green
James and Kristin Henson
George and Claire Hoffman
Michael and Margaret Hooton
Integrated Environmental Systems
Todd and Margaret Izzo
Philip and Linda Johnson
James and Ruby Kang
Peter Karlovich and Steven Herforth
William and Lucille Kenworthy
Knapp Family Foundation
Wilma Knapp
Louis Anthony Jewelers
The Mandell Family
Robert and Irene McTiernan
Matthew and Eileen Meade
Richard and Barbara Meharey
Charles and Rachel Mertz
Mine Safety Appliances Co. Charitable Foundation
David and Jacqueline Molinaro-Thompson
Molly Brannigan's
More Than Words
Steven and Marian Mosites
Mt. Lebanon Dermatology
Mt. Lebanon High School Class of 1986
Julia O'Hara
John and Carol Oxenreiter
Anthony and Amy Pardo
Charles and Linda Potter
PPG Industries Foundation
Lester Pyle and Gwyn Cready
Robert Randolph
Reed Smith LLP
Helen Richardson
Jerome and Cynthia Richey
Rollier's Hardware
Byron and Carol Rose
Leah Rubenstein
Frank and Linda Sam
David Savard
Brian Schuetz
Kenneth and Holly Schultz
Preston and Annette Shimer
Arnold and Johanna Sholder
David Shumway and Heather Arnet
Siker Charitable Trust
William and Kathleen Simpson
Lawrence and Lynn Sirinek
Joseph and Lynn Smith
Tim Smith and Sheila Rioux
Catherine Sweet
Frank and Nancy Tetlow
Amy Tonti
Alan and Mary Beth Trivilino
Ellen Waite
Washington Square Unit Owners Assoc.
Bruce and Barb Wiegand
Bridgit Wolf
Woman's Club of Mt. Lebanon
Woman's Club of Upper St. Clair
WTW Architects
Anonymous (2)


Supporting Role ($250-$999)

Robert and Sharon Abraham
Kimberly Adams
Howard and Margaret Alex
Apple Matching Gifts Program
Joseph Decker and Susan Ardisson
Rob and Mardie Barr
Rob and Carrie Beck
Seth Beckerman
Steven Beemsterboer and Cynthia Bognar
Kenneth and Patricia Benson
Alexander and Susan Bicket
Larry and Phyllis Blair
Michael Blehar and Beth Evans
James and Valerie Blue
Richard and Barbara Bogdanski
Robert and Bunnie Bragdon
Gerald and Barbara Burke
Michael Burns
Stuart Burstein
Paul and Sanna Carapelotti
Yvonne Carroll
Chris Cavell
Dana Cefalo
Kenneth and Celia Christman
David and Jackie Christopher
Cipriani & Werner, PC
Citizens Charitable Foundation
Matthew Clark
Jody Colby
Creation Art Studio
Ronald and Diana Cusano
Lila Decker
Linda Defeo
Larry Dennis
Mary Lou Dickson
Stephen and A.J. Drexler
Mark Duerr
Carl and Jane Eck
David Eckhardt
Bo and Kim Edvardsson
Fairmont Hotel
Greg Fajt
Stephen Feller
George and Debbi Fenton
Robert and F.D. Fields
Richard and Marilyn Finberg
George Flavin, Jr.
Karl and Ann Fox
David Franklin
John and Jennifer Franz
Robert and Ann Fronduti
Rico Gagliano
Richard and Jennifer Gallo
Shawn and Kate Gatto
Giant Eagle Foundation
Gidas Flowers
Mary Lou Glaid
Go Green Construction Co
Ted and Carol Goldberg
Mark and Valerie Golik
Jeremy Gracik
William and Martha Grunewald
H. J. Heinz
Deborah Haddad
Robert and Lynn Hagan
Robert and Tricia Hammel
Jack and Josie Harmon
Stephen and Rania Harris
Helen Harris
Jeffrey and Gayla Hartsough
Steven and Robin Hausman
James Henson
Christine Hestwood
David and Deborah Holtschlag
Timothy and Lisa Honkala
Derek and Nanette Hought
Edward and Maureen Hughes
Linda Hunley
Il Pizzaiola Wine Bar
Steven and Mimi Ingalls
Buncher Family Foundation
Tammy Janero
Terrell Jefferson and Susan Pettigrew
Daniel and Amy Jenkins
Chris Jones and Linda Benedict-Jones
Richard and Kate Junker
Georgia Kent
Adrien King
Joseph Kirk and Jenny Michaux
Matthew and Janet Kluck
Marilyn Koch
David and Judith Kolko
Nancy Kountz
Carl and Elaine Krasik
Edward and Nancy Krokosky
Ellen Kruse
Edward and Jodi Kubit
Ronald and Fran Landay
Nicholas and Eileen Lane
Mary Larsen
Peter and Julie Laun
Dan and Agnes Lenckos
Joan Lidsker
Judy Liebler
Ronald and Judy Linaburg
Robert and Barbara Logan
Barry and Barbara Long
Dennis Looney and Joanna Thornton
Matthew and Katherine Louik
James and Angela Lowden
Brian and Emily Lowe
Kelley Lynch
James and Cheryl Lyne
Louise Machinist
Charlie and Nancy Manganiello
Ramona Marino
Master Remodelers
James McCarthy
Robert and MJ McFarland
Joseph and Eleanor McHugh
David Merritt
Ann Mihm
Edward and Nita Modaro
Hal and Susan Morgans
James and Karen Morrell
Maureen Morrow
David and Trudy Mosey
Mt. Lebanon Partnership
Michael and Sheila Nathanson
James and Anne Noland
Paul and Charlotte Obert
Thomas O'Brien and Joanne Currie
Jean O'Hara
Steve and Michelle Patrick
Patricia Patterson
Seth and Pam Pearlman
Alison Peters
Gregory and Cindy Pfeifer
Pittsburgh Cultural Trust
Point Park University
Dr. and Mrs. Allen Press
Bruce Schramm and Kathryn Rector
Andrew and Laura Reinhart
Michael and Kim Ressler
Nicholas and Judith Ricci
Vinny and Penny Richichi
James and Erin Rimmel
Sue Robinson
James and Cecilia Rockovich
Michael Rogan
Andrew and Heather Roman
Gerald and Marcia Rubenstein
Andy and Cindy Russell
Gary and Millie Ryan
Linda Sadler
Anthony Schlievert
Jonathan and Veronica Schmerling
George and Barbara Schoeppner
Gary and Suzan Schultz
Joseph and Albino Senko
Sesame Inn
Paul and Angie Sharp
Richard and Linda Shaw
Joseph and Anne Shuman
Wilfried and Gail Sieg
Joel Siegel
Michael and Sheryl Silverman
Jeffrey Small
Templeton and Lea Smith
Senator Matt Smith
Benjamin and Julia Snead
Barry and Arlene Sokolow
Richard and Becky Spangler
Erich and Amy Stabenow
Timothy and Carrie Stanny
Jerold and Judith Starr
Steel City Ballroom
Daniel and Susan Steele
Kevin Stemmler
Ronald and Janet Stone
Joyce Stuber
Judith Sutton
Andrew Swensen
Jacinta Synnott
Rodney S. Tanner and Lisa J. Bleier
Marcy Tenaglia
Thomas and Betsy Teti
The Saloon
John and Janet Thomas
Katy Thompson
James and Barbara Tinnemeyer
Triumph Consultants
Bob & Lisa (Turbeville) Markowski
Louis Valli
Melvin and Claire Vatz
Brad and Hannah Vaughan
Richard and Karen Viggiano
Carol Vockel
Ruth Wagner
Conrad Waite
Joel and Lani Walker
Jon and Carol Walton
Geoffrey and Sandra Ward
Robert and Debra Watts
William and Patricia Wihlborg
Adam Wolfe
G. Alan and Jo Ellen Yeasted
Sam and Anne Zacharias
Anonymous (2)


Film Crew Member ($100-$249)

Accu-Copy Reprographics
Andrew and Minna Allison
Dante Amato and Paula Murray
Helen Andrews
Phil and Colleen Anthony
Steve Antonelli
Stephen and Melissa Bailey
Thomas and Anna Balestrieri
Lydia Balogh
Lynn Banbury
Michael and Debra Barbarita
Luann Barron
Ann Bart
Whaley, Tina and Mitchell Batson
Theresa Bayer
Claudia Benack
Robert and Becky Beynon
Michael and Viola Bikerman
Perry Bissell
Mark Bookman
James and Karen Boston
Lynn and Adele Bowser
Alberta Boyd
Jefferson and Marion Bragdon
Robert and Sandie Brand
Gary and Paula Brant
Mark and Elisabeth Braughler
Tybe Brett
Stephen and Jo Ellen Brewton
David Brown
Robert and Rose Ann Brown
Robert and Karen Brown
Gretchen Brown
Jeff and Michelle Bruce
Louanne Brunenmeister
Daniel and Colleen Budosh
George and Patricia Buerger
Louis Burdman and Monica Kolasa
Michael and Betsy Burns
Barnett and Kathleen Bursley
Vinny Butz
Tacy Byham
Herbert and Shirley Cable
Pat Capatt
Jane Casey
Lourdes Castellanos
Betsy Ceraso
Orrean and Barbara Chew
Justin Cipriani
Sharon Clark
Davis Walker and Bobbi Coffin
Richard and Linda Cohen
David and Meredith Cohen
Alan and Hazel Cope
Joseph Cope
Louis and Vidya Craig
Steven Cuden
Ernesto and Sabine Cupo
D'Angelo & Associates
Stephen and Janet Darcangelo
Gary Davis
Del Monte Foods
June Delano
John and Dianne Dencler
Development Dimensions International
Peter and Donna DiNardo
Timothy and Gretchen Donahoe
E.J. and Lu Donnelly
Tom and Sara Dougherty
Mary Beth Dougherty
Michael and Debra Dundas-Broeker
Marilyn Dunn
Daniel and Karen Earley
John and Cynthia Eddy
Deborah Edwards
The Film Students of Elaine Wertheim
Edgar Emmerling
Daniel and Beth Erlanger
Keith and Nancy Fabi
John and Dana Fenner
James Ferguson
Miriam Ferrell
Fidelity Savings Bank
William and Bea Finke
Ruth Foltz
Annie Laurie Foust
Ralph and Lucille Fuehr
Jerry and Dina Fulmer
Mark and Marian Gannon
Robert Gardner and Anne Pillion
Robert and Marianne Garrity
Daniel and Hayley Gbur
Naomi George
Larry Gevirtz
Thomas and Sandy Giotto
Scott Bussey and Ann Glasgow
Ronald and Debby Glick
Stephen and Suzanne Good
Leo Goode
William and Erica Goodman
Marshall and Baylee Gordon
Carol Gordon
Ed and Linda Goslin
David and Cathy Gosnell
Tony and Linda Granato
Joseph and Claudette Gray
Twila Green
Edward and Megan Grefenstette
Christopher and Anne Griffin
Anil Gupta
Henry and Nancy Gusky
Dan and Joah Hacket
Audrey Hafner
Sandra Hagenbrock
Robert and Lorraine Hagerty
James and Gretchen Haggerty
Susan Haid
Lianne Halfon
Mike and Mandy Hall
Gretchen Haller
Anthony and Roberta Haradin
Drew and Paula Harvey
Calvin and Donna Hastings
Heather Heidelbaugh
Henderson Brothers
Celia Hammond
Ron and Linda Hoffman
David and Loretta Hoglund
Fonda Hollenbaugh
June Holmes
Ken and Joan Horoho
Gertrude Horowitz
Nina Horowitz
Charlie Humphrey
Geoffrey and Pat Hurd
Huron Consulting Services LLC
John and Diane Inserra
Scott and Cinda Isler
Leyvoy Joensen
Andrew and Marcia Johnston
Holly Jones
Regina Kallick
Yvonne Keafer
William and Sue Keegan
Donna Kelly
Craig Keto
Deborah Ketterer
Dawn Killenberg
Douglas and Victoria King
Katherine Kirk
Conrad Koch and Karen Kanell
David and Elizabeth Koch
Ronald and Joyce Koerner
William Konitsky and Maria Baldwin
Robert and Kate Kovalan
Craig Jordan and Elaine Koziar-Jordan
Jack and Nancy Krah
Gwendolyn Lammert
Bette Landish
Bernard and Betsy LaQuinta
George and Jennifer Lee
Sharon Lehr
Robert and Jody Leidigh
Susanne Lersch
Robert and Andrea Linkowski
Doug and Michelle Lioon
Alan and Elaine London
Louis and Susan Loughren
Annemarie Lutzko
Mark and Kathleen Lynch
Frances Machi
Arthur and Judy Manion
Bruce Marks
Darren and Bethany Martian
Virginia Mason
David Mateer
William Matthews and Peg Moulton
Dennis and Janet McCarthy
H. Bruce McClaren
Jim and Sue Means
Jay and Ingrid Meenen
James Menegazzi
David Meyer
Michael Hertrich Art and Frame
Dennis Sauers and Karrianne Moehring
Edward Moravitz
George and Katherine Morin
Neal and Trena Mortensen
Mt. Lebanon Lions Club
Mt. Lebanon Office Equipment
Scotti and Jeanne Mulert
Clifford and Joyce Mull
Scott Patti and Margaret Murphy
J. Leroy and Barbara Myers
David and Alisa Nash
Bryan and Julie Neft
Thomas and Louise O'Boyle
Lee and Lisa Oleinick
Omni William Penn Hotel
Steven and Jen Orebaugh
Chris Pacione
Paul and Laurie Park
Patricia Patterson
Frank and Judy Petrich
Kimberly Peyton
Werner and Ute Philipp
Louis Picard and Pauline Greenlick
Pittsburgh History & Landmarks
Pittsburgh Opera
Maria Poliacek
Neal and Dorothy Pollon
Richard and Carol Ponzio
William and Emily Pope
Steve and Josephine Posti
Prinzo & Associates, CPAs
Judy Provost
Rick and Vera Purcell
Wayne Ranick
Barry and Marcie Reese
Pat and Mykie Reidy
Keith and Celeste Reisinger
Thomas and Virginia Renegar
Doug Reynolds and Jennifer Cooney
Nancy Reynolds
Carl Riesacher
Patrick and Carol Riley
Katherine Robertson
Brian and Marsha Roche
Guillermo Romero
Jules Rosen and Debra Fox
Gerald Rosenfeld
Melanie Rosenzweig
Thomas and Elizabeth Ross
Daniel and Lori Rothschild
Richard and Heidi Russman
Nancy Scarton
Eric and Michele Schaffer
Rob and Phyl Schapiro
Paul and Catherine Schaughency
Len and Joan Scheinholtz
Nathaniel and Emily Schmitt
Francis and Susan Schneck
Ronald and Debra Schneider
Richard and Mary Schubert
Jay and Ronni Schulhof
Gregory Scott
William and Carol Shields
Barry Martin and M.A. Sinnhuber
D. Mark Smith and Kyle Tomer
Valerie Stabile
Sal Staltari and Laura Wholey
Thomas and Leslee Stockhausen
Carol Stuck
Diane Sunderlin
Perry and Marcia Swanson
Gene and Toby Tabachnick
William and Robin Taffe
William and Cathy Terasavage
Stephen Teresi
Robert and Marvel Timm
Eugene and Cynthia Tommasi
Michael and Sally Touscany
Duane and Marty Towns
Barbara Trachtenberg
Craig and Maria Trainor
Thomas and Janice Trempus
Marianne Uffelman
John and Karen Uhrin
Shirl Unatin
George and Judy Updegrove
Thomas and Bonnie Van Kirk
Edward and Mary Ann Villella
Ellsworth and Sue Vines
Howard and Jane Voigt
Beth Vucic
Susan Wagner
Walnut Grill
James and Elizabeth Webster
Michael and Nancy Weissman
Benjamin Wertheim
Charles and Marcia West
James and Heidi White
Roger and Kay Wiegand
Kristin Wise
Kimberly Wohlford
Bernard Wolfson
Yurij and Charlotte Wowczuk
Sarah Yourd
The Zeichner Family
Gary and Robin Zentner
Anthony and Kathleen Zimmer
Carol Ziss


Film Fan (up to $99)

Gregoire and Kathryn Aby-Eva
Holiday Adair
Joseph M Alfery
Lee and Janet Ali
Mary Alleman
Nellie Ambrose
Maria Ammon
Katie Anderson
Lee Ann Antol
John and Judy Armstrong
Nancy Arnold
Art by M.A.
James and Harriet Baird
Ida Baker
Wilmer and Jean Baldwin
Richard and Layla Ballon
Maggie Balsley
Susan Banaszak-Catena
George and Kellie Banky
Michael Barbour
Susie Barbour-Dugan
John and Terri Barker
Matthew Barry
Robert and Ann Bateman
William and Debra Bates
John Bauerlein
David and Debra Beachler
Carl Beck
Lynne Beck
Adam and Elaine Becker
Jeanne Beers
Anna Benvenuti
Jeanne Bereznicki
Carl and Elizabeth Bergmann
Joan Kovalic Bernard
David and Phyllis Bertenthal
Big Burrito Restaurant Group
Judith Birdsong
Allan and Dottie Blacka
Harold Blumenfeld
Terri Bodnar
Jesse Boley
Constance Booth
Joanne Borgesi
George Ann Bower
Ray and Ginny Bowman
Diane Boyd
Irene Boyd
Roberta Boyd
Ann Bozick
Claudia Broman
William Browne and DeeDee Gavigan
Edward and Irene Brungraber
Karen Bush
Randy and Lynn Butz
Jill Campbell
Chris Caprio
Rusty and Cyndie Carioli
Carnegie Museums of Art and Natural History
Carnegie Science Center
Pat Carr
Dolores Casali
Susan Castriota
Norman and Judy Caves
Joseph and Constance Cavrich
Robert and Mardi Centinaro
Vijay Kumar and Rochelle Chandhok
Hilary Chiz
Ellen Christian
Dorene Ciletti
Delphine Clemens
Debbie Clement
Michael Clements
Joel and Georgeanne Cluskey
Gene Finley and Jeanne Cobetto
Dyan Conaway
William and Karen Cooper
Fran and Veronica Corbett
Lori Corbin
Jaqueline Cornell
Donald and Christina Coulter
Patrick and Sara Cozzens
Michael and Andrea Crall
Fred and Laureen Cramer
Neal and Joyce Cready
Christine Cronenwett
Ausra Cunningham
Michael and Lisa Cushman
D.F. Jacobs Consulting
John and Claudia Daley
Barbara De Bord
Todd Decarlo
Gary and Tracy DeCock
Harry and Margaret Deitzer
Carol Delfino
Mark Dembo
James and Mary Lu Denny
Lillian DeSimone
James Devaty and Steve Miller
Cynthia Grace Devine-Kepner
Magda DeZubay
Jeanne Diana
Steve and Stacey Diaz
Carmen DiGiacomo
Dallas DiLeo
Douglas and Pamela Dillie
Thomas Dingo
David Disheroon
Mary Dobies
Tom Donatelli
Elizabeth Donohue
Weldon and Lois Doran
Marc and Kathryn Duchin
William and Maureen Dumbaugh
R. Graham Dunlop
Randall and Pam Eager
James and Jennifer Eaton
Eden's Market
Raymond and Michaele Eder
Dennis and Peggy Egan
Elemental Pea
Jack and Mary Jo Elliott
Stephen Emery and Maureen Hurley
Steven and Tamara Engel
Melissa Epler
Douglas Ettinger
Ann Evanson
Michael Farb and Kelley Anderson
Sue Faust
Theresa Favino
John Fehr and Joyce Salls
Mark Ferraco
Joseph and Rosemary Ferruzza
Joy Fertal
Margaret Fischer
Darryl Blecher and Diana Fitch
Dennis and Kathleen Fitzgerald
Jacqueline Ford
Kim Fox
Megan Frattare
Frances Frederick
Charles and Marilyn Freed
Anthony and Patricia Frick
Sam and Andrea Friede
Irwin and Trudy Friedman
Murray Friedman
Alfonso and Janice Frioni
Scott and Nancy Frost
Francis and Sandra Gagliano
Andrew and Sandra Gans
Sylvia Garlitz
Steve Geary
Brenden and Renee Gebben
Nancy Gianni
Giant Eagle - Manor Shops
Karen Gifford
Frank and Deb Gill
Thomas and Karen Gladden
Steven H and Helene Glick
Louis and Peggy Gold
Good Orthodontics
Robert and Janeen Goodrick
John and Sheila Goodworth
Katherine Gori
Gerald and Dorothy Gorman
Tom and Karen Gorman
Clarence and Bernice Gourley
Jim and Kathleen Graham
Gregory Granger
John and Normajean Graybill
William and Judith Grayhack
John and Patty Greeno
Dallas Greer
Amy Griser
Barbara Grossman
Marcy Grupp
George Guthrie and Suzanne Stamatov
Martin and Sue Hagan
Rachel Hall
Jordan and Sheila Halter
Christopher Hancock
Benjamin Handen and Diana Ploof
Stephanie Harris
Lee Heckman
David and Tara Heidenreich
Jason Heisler
Bernard and Kathleen Henciak
Mel and Janet Henderson
Nathan and Lisa Herring
Angela Hignett
Alan and Ruth Hinkelman
Kathleen Hirt
Charles and Mia Hitson
Randy and Kathy Hoedeman
Eleanor Hohman
Michael Hoover
Suzanne Hornbaker
David and Louise Horvath
George and Ida Hrehocik
Penny Hunt
Mary Helen Hutchins
Jess and Wendy Hutchinson
Joe and Mary Lee Irwin
Scott and Margaret Jackson
Gail Jackson
Charles Jacobs
David and Mary Lou Jacobs
Carol James
Patricia Jennings
Steven and Becky Johnson
Robert and Melanie Johnston
Wayne Jones
Dennis and Therese Joyce
Linda Julian
Sheree Kaiser
Michael Karas
Carol Karl
Maria Kast Carson
Gary and Amy Katz
Sam and Judy Kayam
Robert and Ruth Kelley
Susan Kelso
Marianne Kennedy
Susan Kennedy
Beth Ketterman
Peggy Kindler
Colleen Kinevey
Warren and Mary Kipling
Richard and Judy Klaber
Jon Klancher
Everett and Doris Koerber
Donald Kosy
William and Cathy Kramer
Betsy Krausa
Chester and Karen Krcil
Sebastian and Natalie Kukla
Jay Kuntz and Lori Benson
Stuart and Donna Kurland
Joan Kurtz
Thomas and Barbara Lamb
Ronald and Diane Lane
Mario and Susan Lanna
Paul LaQuatra and Effie Alexander
Blaise and Dorothy Larontoda
David and Deborah Larson
Gloria Larson
Donna Laughlin
Alice Lawson
Nancy Lee
Ed Leefer and Ilene Cohen
Sen Fu and Fen Leung
Diane Levkulich
Brian Limbach
Eric and Lynn Linn
John and Barbara Litzenberger
Gordon and Sheila Lloyd
Kelly Lotter
Mary Lucas
Sandy Ludman
Leslie Lutz
Dianne Lynch
Terry and Roseanne Lyskava
Christine Mabon
Lou Mafrice and Alica Hawkins
Mark and Alice Mahler
Margaret Majesky
Judith Marchok
Ronald B and Leslie Marcus
Kenneth and Vonnie Marshall
Karen Marshall
Melissa Martin
Mary Matzen
David Maxwell
Brian May
Nancy McCann
Carol McCracken
Robert McDowell
Renee McEwen
Colleen McKerley
Allison McLaren
Mose and Wilma McNeese
James and Ann McStay
Ann Mercurio
Ann Metzger
Tom and Susan Miller
Richard and Jean Misutka
Gordon and Georgianne Mitchell
David and Lota Mitchell
Mary Kay Mitchell
Brenda Moffitt
Jack and Janet Mostow
Tim and Mary Muffly
Christopher S Mullin
Richard and Dolores Munsick
Brian Murphy
Eileen Murray
Christy Myers
Paul Impellicceiri and Mollie Neuman
David Newell
Lisa Newman
Trish Nichols
Nine on Nine
Holly Northrop
Betsy Norton
Ruth Novice
Albert and Sandra Odermatt
Raymond H Olmo
Russell and Carol Olmsted
John and Beth Orfanopoulis
Eugene and Christin Ornato
Dale and Lee Ann Ostergaard
Jim and Christine O'Toole
Daniel and Mary Jo O'Toole
Susan O'Toole
Richard and Jennifer Overmoyer
Jerry Owens
Teri Owens
Heather Page
Lazar Palnick and Susanne Gollin
Michael and Kelly Palombo
Rob and Linda Papke
Deval Paranjpe
Rose Marie Pavlich
Mara Peluso
PEO Sisterhood - Chapter G
Pascal and Angela Phares
Jack Neemes and Virginia Phillips
Carol Pickerine
Concetta Piroli
Pittsburgh CLO
Holly Planinsic
Susan Plescia
Eugene Pocci
Dee Pogochnich
John and Cory Polena
Joseph and Prudence Posey
Stephen and Phyllis Pouleris
Jacob and Kelli Powell
PPG Industries Foundation
Joan Pupik
Jenny Pyckowski
Amy Quinlan
Joseph Raffaele
James Rausch
Brian and Loraine Reed
James Reinhard
Todd and Terri Reinhart
Stephanie Reiss
James and Pam Render
David and Barbara Rennhoff
John and Laura Ricci
Charles and Heather Richardson
Richard and Dottie Robinson
William and Stephanie Robinson
Robert and Mary Rocks
Elizabeth Romig
Richard and Susan Rose
Joel and Kate Rosenthal
Robert and Karen Rossi
Cynthia Roth
Rich and Karen Rothamel
Ronnie and Joan Rothaus
John and Joan Rowan
Patricia Russ
David Rutherford
Thomas and Pam Ryan
Gene and Debra Sacco
Jeff Kelly and Mary Sapienza
Doug and Mary Lou Satterfield
Roger Schneider
Cynthia Schneider
Nora Schoenthal
Steven Rock and Amy Schulman
Paul Schultz
Robert Schutte
George Bedo and Connie Schwartz
William and Merrell Lee Schweers
Janet Scott
Sandra Sedota
Herschel and Roslyn Segall
Donn Seger
Benedict and Sharon Serratore
Nancy Sestrich
Leanne Shaffer
Minor and Linda Shapiro
Robert and Sophie Shapiro
Linda Sharp
Robert and Mary Sharps
Shop 'n Save - Castle Shannon Blvd.
David Shribman and Cynthia Skrzycki
Douglas and Sandra Shuck
Jerry and Ina Silver
Mary Lou Simkins
Roy Simmons and Mary Meier
Tammy Singleton-English
Deb Sinta
Regina Skrbin
Joke Slagle
Johan and Deb Smit
Wesley and Nancy Smith
Janet Smith
Marissa Smith
Marjorie Smith
Jeffrey and Jaclyn Snyder
Nancy Sofis
John Sozansky and Karen Schneider
Cathy Speicher
Charles and Marilyn Spirer
Paul and Edith Stein
Pat Stein
Rodney and Deb Stevens
Bob and Rosanne Stevens
Faith Ann Stipanovich
Robert and Linda Stipetich
John Stofcik
John Stoner
James and Cynthia Storer
Vicki Strain
Jim and Kathy Strand
Vaughn Strimlan
Ellen Struch
James and Marcy Strutz
Sandy Stuhlfire
Louise Sturgess
Joseph and Judy Sufrin
Thomas Sukitsch
Margie Sullivan
Ellen Sussman
Howard and Rosamond Swartz
Patrick and Carol Swed
Thomas and Maureen Sweeney
David and Janet Tant
Taste of Dahntahn
Frank and Adrienne Taucher
Edmund Taylor
Tom and Helen Taylor
Doug and Sara Taylor
Dan and Pam Thomas
Gary Thompson
Joyce Thompson
Ken and Paula Tirpak
C. C. Toney
Richard and Debra Tongel
Thomas and Theresa Torchia
Doug and Janet Toth
Alan and Donna Towner
Pam Tripp
Lesley Troy
Mark and Linda Trumbull
Sheila Tunney
Patty Turjan
Linda Turk
Al and Tanya Ulrich
Millard and Julianna Underwood
Dean and Cecile Usner
Joanne Valentine
Mark and Carrie Vanistendael
Nancy Vaughn
Jane Viehman
Alyse Viggiano
Andrew and Margaret Vines
Voila Interior Style
Catherine Wall
Walnut Hill Winery
Sharon Walters
Janice Wasson
Evelyn Waters
Adrienne Wehr
Mary Jo Weinheimer
Michael and Cynthia Weisfield
Michael and Gerrie Weiss
Mary Jo Weiss
Al and Carol Wendland
Carol West
Gary and Kathleen Wieczorek
Patrick and Kelly Wiethorn
Susan Wilcox
Joseph Williams and Ann Martindale
Judith Williams
Karen Williams
Keith Wilson
Mark Wilson and Margaret Hamstead
Jacqueline Wilson
Janet Winters
Gretchen Woeste
James and Darlene Wood
Steve Woodring
Steven and Virginia Wright
George Wyfker
Margaret Zabo
John and Joan Zacharias
Marilyn Zawoyski
Jo Ann Znoy
Karen Zoller
Anonymous (countless)


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