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Reel to Real: Conversations that bring movies to life!

Special Reel to Real Event at Upper St. Clair Library

Join us on Monday, November 26, 2018 at a special Reel to Real event at Upper St. Clair Library!

We will watch and discuss the 2018 documentary, Three Identical Strangers, that raises provocative, ethical questions as it explores the lives of triplets separated at birth.   Spaces will fill quickly, so be sure to make your reservation now!  See details below.

Where:  Upper St. Clair Library, 1820 McLaughlin Run Road, Upper St. Clair, PA, 15241

When:  Doors open at 6 pm.  Movie begins at 6:30 pm.

Reservations Required:  Reserve your place one of three ways: 

Admission is free....Donations appreciated!

About Reel to Real

Reel to Real is an informal film event that invites community members to watch a movie and engage in a followup discussion after the screening.  It's a wonderful opportunity to revisit classic films, explore foreign films, and discover documentaries and edgy independent films.


This program is generously supported by The Fine Foundation and the Philip Chosky Charitable Educational Foundation.